brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime
brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime


Laértes’ myth symbolizes the reclaiming of youth and empowerment!

The brand name is inspired by the myth of Odysseus father.

When Odysseus returned from Troy he found Laértes old and his palace occupied.
According to the myth, goddess Athena bathed king Laértes in a lush herbal bath offering him back his youth and vigor he needed to help his son retrieve his throne!

It is an homage to our Greek roots and serves as a reminder of our passion. To offer everyone a chance at feeling cleansed, hydrated and healthy with high performance botanicals provided by nature.

Revive your skin and empower yourself!
LAÉRTE organic skincare, inspired by the lush Mediterranean nature,
made in Switzerland.

Experience the quality of our sustainable skincare


LAÉRTE is proudly natural using only ingredients without any synthetic compounds. All products are made in Switzerland with their quality and performance being our number 1 target. None of our products contains artificial fragrance, with most of our products are completely scent free. LAÉRTE products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals.


LAÉRTE takes sustainability seriously. Taking care of the skin doesn’t have to compromise the environment. All our products packaging is recyclable and we are proud to have biodegradable packaging on our lip balms.
All the ingredients used in our products are natural, certified organic and sustainably collected.


Hi gorgeous!

I am Vasia Tamvakou, certified natural skincare formulator and founder of LAÉRTE skincare. 
In 2014 I made a realization that changed my life: Our skin is our biggest organ and whatever we put on it could under conditions end up on our blood stream.

And that's when I made the change towards the natural products. I replaced everything I was using until then with anything natural I could find. Ultimately, week after week of use I had used most of the natural products on the market.

But I was missing something. None of these products was performing the way I wanted. I needed better results! I needed natural products that wouldn't make sacrifices on the texture, efficacy or performance.

I craved for organic skincare that is filled with amazing botanicals, delivers visible results and it is good for me and the environment. So I decided to research for myself.

It started with a lot of experimentation in my kitchen and balms made from olive oil and beeswax (found in Greece and the whole of the Mediterranean) until I decided to get officially certified in organic skincare formulation and a beautiful, rewarding and green journey in natural skincare started!