High Performance
Premium Organic Skincare

LAÉRTE is proudly natural using only ingredients without any synthetic compounds. All products are made in Switzerland with their quality and performance being our number 1 target.

Welcome to a word of clean beauty

We are committed to clean, sustainable skincare that makes a difference.
Our products are formulated with high performance natural plant oils and butters that provide hydration and work miracles on your skin. We use no plastic and no artificial color or smell. We love organic skincare and we live a green beauty lifestyle everyday.

Discover your lip care sanctuary with our natural lip balm

”In October, I came to Switzerland for a visit. I had a lot of cold sores on my lips from stress and my cousin gave me a spare LAÉRTE lip balm to try. Within 5 days, the situation had dramatically improved. I couldn't believe my eyes! I was so much better, and my lips looked so hydrated and smooth. I loved it and got a second one for myself and another one for a friend of mine! It is amazing! I loved it!.

- Kontantina

”This lip balm is magical. I am a person who always loves to buy organic and natural skincare products. I thought of giving LAÉRTE organic lip balm a try and I fell in love with it. My lips were so smooth and nourished within 2 hours. After that, I bought lip balms for my entire family. Thank you, LAÉRTE..”

- Eleni

Here's what our customers say

No plastic on our packaging and products

Small, fresh production batches

Natural and organic ingredients

Made in Switzerland, 100% swiss quality