LAÉRTE's Journey


Personal Story

While living in Switzerland and working for a company in early 2014, I began to take my health seriously. Born and raised in Athens, where a fast-paced lifestyle is the norm, I had little time to think about a healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle. I used to buy well-known skincare brands without considering the ingredients they contained or how their mostly plastic packaging are affecting our world. However, Zurich changed my life.

The Moment of Realization

In 2014, I had a life-changing realization: Our skin is our largest organ, and anything we apply to it can potentially enter our bloodstream. Immediately, I started questioning the products I was using and the ingredients they contained.

I remember reading the ingredients list of the products on the market and not being able to understand half of them. It became more challenging to comprehend because a lot of the ingredients were artificially created in laboratories.

As time passed, my scepticism about what products I applied to my body grew. This led me to conduct more in-depth research, ultimately guiding me towards even more natural options. It's a common experience, isn’t it? To be in either a physical or an online store, confronted with a vast array of natural products. I began using natural products exclusively. Most of them were good value for money, but I still felt something was missing.

The Self-Taught Era

As you can imagine, the path I was about to embark on required a lot of knowledge, courage, and self-confidence. After considerable thought, I decided to earn a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and an Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare formulation, which was a life-changing experience. After a lot of trial and error in my kitchen, I decided that this was meant for me and I developed a real passion for organic skincare.

When It Was Still an Idea

This is where the idea of creating my own natural Swiss skincare company began. How did it happen? The ingredients labelled as ‘natural’ in many skincare products weren't entirely natural. Some products weren't as hydrating as promised, and the sensation they left on the skin was often unpleasant. This realization sparked my idea to start my own skincare company, focusing on 100% natural products. I envisioned a line that included organic ingredients, sourced directly from Mother Earth – pure, botanical, and authentic.

People deserve to be healthy and happy, and if I can contribute to that, I am fulfilling a life purpose. With creating a green, eco-friendly, and sustainable brand as a main focus, I managed to create my own company in 2021, named LAÉRTE. Its purpose is to provide products that are highly effective for the skin as well as good for the environment. I am the product formula creator, although laboratories that meet all the hygiene requirements are responsible for the production of all our Swiss-made products.


The legend of Laértes, a tale of rejuvenation and empowerment, has greatly inspired our brand! Our brand name, LAÉRTE, draws its inspiration from the myth surrounding Odysseus' father. Upon Odysseus' return from Troy, he found his father, Laértes, aged and his palace overtaken. In this myth, the goddess Athena revitalizes King Laértes with a herbal bath rich in lush ingredients, restoring his youth and strength. This newfound vigor aids him in supporting his son to reclaim his throne. This narrative is not only a nod to our Greek heritage but also reflects our fervent commitment. We aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to feel refreshed, well-hydrated, and healthy, thanks to high-performance botanicals sourced directly from nature.

Every Phase Is a Challenge

As in all fairytales, there is a happy ending, but there is always a struggling period that makes you appreciate the good moments. A challenging event that changed my life was starting my first company. Mixing and matching ingredients to make a decent product for the market is one thing, but managing everything simultaneously as a small business owner was something I was clueless about. From bureaucracy to website building and financial management, I was all alone, with a bit of assistance from friends and family.

Happy Ending

After all it is the difficulties that make you stronger, and my brand is something that I feel proud of. Looking back, I am sure it was worth it. Friends, family, and customers who have tried my products believe so much in LAÉRTE's potential, and this constitutes the fuel for me to continue and create every single day.

Embark on this journey with me